TCP/IP Printing

TCP/IP Printing

Go to Start> Settings> Printers and Faxes > Add printer.

The Add printer Wizard will open


Select Standard TCP/IP port as shown below, click on Next

Select the option which says ‘Local printer attached to this printer’, click on Next




Enter the Printer IP address in the Printer name field. Port name will get filled

(Sometimes while adding the IP address , it will say the PORT is already in use,
in that case go to Printers and faxes windows again and go to properties of any
printer which mapped. Go to Port tab and delete the port which you are trying
to use now)



Click to FinishImage


How to trouble shoot Unknown Error (-3248) In Entourage

How to trouble shoot Unknown Error (-3248) In Entourage

Steps to be followed:

1. In Entourage Go to Tools

2. Accounts

3. Click on the Exchange account in the list

4. Select Edit Account

5. Across the top of the new window are a bunch of selections, select

6. There are 3 check boxes

7. Uncheck the “override default port” (which is checked and set at 0)

When unchecked, the proper LDAP port number will appear.

Apply the setting

Trouble shooting Microsoft Word when it gives fonts error

Trouble shooting Microsoft Word when it gives fonts error

Check if the user is getting error for a single font or all the fonts.

Trash the below 4 files as mentioned below

i. Trash user’s FontBook prefs file from the below path


ii. Trash the Normal from the below path

Homefolder/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Normal

iii. Trash the Word Prefs File from the below path


iv. Trash the Font cache


Bind-Unbind for Mac computers

1. For MAC 10.5 Go to Applications>Utilities>Directory Access
If the lock icon is locked, click it and type the name and password of an administrator.

For MAC 10.6 and above, go to Macintosh HD> System> Library> Core services> Directory

2. Select Active Directory in the list of services, then click Configure.

3. Click Unbind, then authenticate as a user who has rights to terminate a connection to the
Active Directory domain and click OK.

4. If you see an alert saying the credentials weren’t accepted or the computer can’t contact Active
Directory, you can click Force Unbind to forcibly break the connection.

5. If you forcibly unbind, Active Directory will still contain a computer record for this computer.
You should notify the Active Directory administrator so the administrator knows to remove the
computer record.

6. In the Services pane, deselect Active Directory’s Enable setting, then click Apply.



8. Double click to open the Directory Access


9. Click the lock to make changes and the following screen will appear


10. Type in your user name to log in and the following screen will appear.

11. Choose services tab and choose Active directory option and choose configure.

12. Hit Apply.


13. Choose unbind from the following screen.


14. Type in the user ID and password (type the old password) and click OK.

mac 6

15. From the following screen choose the BIND option



16. When you choose bind the following screen pops up.


17. Type in the user name and password and click OK. And password would now be
synchronized and the following screen would appear



18. Click ok to end the process.

Address Book Setup on MAC:

Address Book Setup on MAC:

1) To open the Address book click on the “Address Book” pane in the
Entourage window.


2) To add someone to your personal address book, click on the “New”
button and then select “New Contact”


3) Fill out as much information as you feel necessary in the window that appears,
then close the contact window.


4) You should now notice a new entry in your Address Book. We can also
create email lists by clicking on “New Group” to get this page. In “Group
Name” type what you want to name the email list, and then click “Select


5) To Add users to the list, select them in the window on the left, and click
on “Select” to move them to the right (which represents the list members).
When done, click “OK” to exist the “Select Group Members” window, and
then “OK” again to exit the list properties window.

6) To use the address book in addressing a letter, first start a new email by
going to “New” and then selecting “Compose a mail message”. Clicking
on the little “book” icon next to the “To: ” address line will bring up the
address book. Simply select the names you wish you appear in the To:, CC:,
and BCC: fields, and move them to the proper boxes with the arrow keys,
then click “OK”

7) The addresses are inserted into the proper spots in the email header fields, and
you are ready to compose your letter.


Menubar is missing on Explorer or Internet Explorer

Menubar is missing on Explorer or Internet Explorer

1. Open Registry Editor
2. Navigate to :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar

3. There are 3 sub keys: Explorer, ShellBrowser, WebBrowser.
4. Go to Explorer Sub Key for Windows Explorer. Or to Web Browser Subkey for IE
5. Locate ITBarLayout in the respective subkey , select that, right Click and Delete
6. Open Explorer or IE, you will find the menubar now.